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Benefits of owning a cat (Part One)

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Owning a cat is a lifetime commitment, but there are also many perks. Spending time watching furry play, talking to her, petting her or even playing with her can be beneficial to your well-being. In the words of veterinarian Marty Becker, "The more time you spend with you four-legged companion, the better you feel."


Cats are natural mood boosters. And it only takes a couple of minutes with furry to feel less nervous and anxious about work and or school. Phew....!!! Now you can breathe easy.

Read on to find out what are the other benefits of owning a cat.

1. Smart people keep cats

Smart + highly educated people own (and love!) cats. According to a 2010 study of British pet owners led by Cats Protection lecturer in Feline Epidemiology, Dr. Jane Murray, people who keep cats tend to be smarter than dog lovers. Just don't ask why, because this has to do with the hectic lifestyles of smart people.

With a busy schedule that revolves around work, getting a pet that fits the busy intellect's lifestyle is important. A cat is great company. They require less attention. They don't need you to babysit them for hours on end. They don't need you to cajole them to eat, drink or sleep. They don't need you to take time off work to accompany them. They don't need you to exercise them. Just leave some food and water out, and change the litter box every now and then – and you are pretty much done. And when furry wants to hang out with you, she will [insert the word "automatically"] come to you.

The 2010 study also found that households with degree-holders were 1.36 times likely to have a cat than other households.

Although the study focuses on British pet owners, the same can be said for Singaporeans.

When you own a cat, you will be forced to read up on pet grooming, pet care and more. How's that not a good way to boost your knowledge?

2. Cats can help you cope with depression

Could a cat's rhythmic purr help you with depression? Yes, says Ian Cooke, psychiatrist and director of the Depression Research and Clinic program at the University California Los Angeles. "Pets – including cats – offer unconditional love that can be very helpful to people with depression," says Cooke. "Taking care of a pet can also help give you a sense of your own value and importance." Cooke believes that owning a cat will remind a person that he/she is capable.

Contrary to popular belief, cats are affectionate creatures. One depressed patient, Emily, says her cat will come up to her side and sit by her each time she is upset. Isn't that sweet? And it gets sweeter: Emily's cat will gently peck her cheek. Aww...

3. Cats make men better partners

What do Tom Hiddleston, Vladimir Putin and Ed Sheeran have in common?

Apart from being internationally famous, these men are cat men, they absolutely do not mind getting photographed with their cats and are clean-shaven. Ooh...they are hunks, too.

Guys, face it: we, women, like men who love (and own) cats. Men who own cats are better at understanding us because of the many ways a cat wants attention and that co-relates to the same way we want attention. Men who own cats are independent thinkers, willing to commit to a relationship and mature – and that makes him special in our eyes. Just. Like cat.

Tsk, tsk: men who are cat owners are used to cleaning cat litter boxes and hairballs. Isn't that a good sign that he's truly independent and not squeamish about doing housework?

4. You're talented!

If you are a cat person, chances are you are quiet, introverted, artistic, a nontraditional thinker and curious. Miaow, am I right?


Cat owners score high when it comes to how trustworthy they are and how much they trust people. They are also less manipulative and more modest.

5. Low maintenance 

Cats are low maintenance. They don't require a lot of attention. They don't require you to spend a lot of time with them. They don't require you to spend a lot of money on them unless it's a regular visit to the vet. They don't eat a lot, and that means you don't have to spend a bomb on their meals.

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