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Friday, 23 October 2015

Do tour Kyoto!

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The wooden Edo-period houses. The geishas. The teahouses. The cobblestone streets. The lush foliage. The beautiful flora. The breathtaking scenery.


These are some of the many things that attract people to visit Kyoto, Japan's former imperial city for more than a thousand years. A picturesque prefecture littered with several UNESCO World Heritage Sites and Buddhist shrines, Kyoto is also home to some of Japan's best teahouses.

Chiayi Railway Station
Chiayi isn't exactly an exciting place in Taiwan to visit, but travelers are flocking there. One, it is Taiwan's only gateway to Alishan, an extraordinary mountain resort and natural preserve. Two, the prefecture is rich in history and it is littered with historical sites that are worth visiting. And the prefecture is flooded with delicious food; from Taiwanese street snacks to gelato. With so much to see and do in albeit a small prefecture, what's there to not like about Chiayi?

A picture speaks a thousand words. It tells you a lot about a country’s culture and how laid-back or fast-paced a country is. It also offers you a glimpse into the lives of ordinary people. 

But there are things that pictures don’t tell, like how safe, densely / sparsely populated or clean / dirty a country is – even where the picture is taken! 

The following 10 pictures are taken in China you would have thought that they are taken elsewhere. And they are awesome! 

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