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interpersonalWritten by Deborah Tan

Strong interpersonal relationships are essential in leading a happy and meaningful life. For many individuals, having strong relationships with family, friends and the community gives us pleasure and makes us healthier. According to Harvard Health Watch, studies have shown that people who have great relationships are happier, healthier and live longer.

To help you become a happier person,

Sunday, 29 January 2017

He brings people together, one cup at a time

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Like building a social community, building a café business is all about engaging the community and inspiring people to connect with each other. That is what Douglas Tan, owner and barista of Tolido’s Espresso Nook, strongly believes. “I enjoy the process of making coffee, building relationships with my customers and just…watching the community grow.”

There’s no magical recipe to making a memorable animated film. It takes a lot of hard work, a lot of determination, great attention to detail, and an understanding of who your audience is, what they want and or desire. 

Great animators like Hayao Miyazaki not only know who their audience is and what they want but also how to give it to them.

                                         IMG 3239  IMG 3240 

In many ancient societies, beautiful luscious long locks were an emblem of one’s beauty.  In Heian Japan for instance, it was the length and quality of one’s hair that defined whether one was beautiful.

Today most women value their tresses as much as healthy glowing skin. However, exposure to the outdoor weather elements and constant coloring and hairstyling may have left our hair in a much to be desired state. Issues that we women suffer from range from dandruff to an oily scalp or dry, damaged hair.

Hipsters are awesome. They are independent thinkers who appreciate arts, culture, design, progressive politics and witty banter. They are,

Dating is a lot like fishing. You cast your net into the ocean, hoping to bait a good catch from a sea of suitors. If you do not find your catch suitable, it is okay – you can always

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