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5 Things cats can teach us about relationships

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catcafe1Cats are loving animals, and they show affection in ways that will melt your heart and make your legs go jelly. Even the most discerning person will go: “Awwww...” when a cat blinks.

Cat kisses, tail fluffs, grooming, head butting, cheek rubs, purrs and mews – these are some of the many ways cats show their love to one another and or the people they feel close to. If there’s one thing to admire about them, it is that they are not shy to express their feelings and love.

In fact, cats are very much like humans. Animal behaviorist Nicolas Dodman says both cats and humans have similar brain structures. Cats and humans have identical sections of the brain that control emotion. Cats seem to think in the same pattern as humans and have both long- and short-term memory function. Cats also respond to human voices by vocalizing and or moving their tails. And while they might not be able to say “I love you”, they can teach us a lot about human relationships, which can in turn help us adapt to the needs of our partners.

Here are five things you can learn from cats about the sweet thing called love.

#1. Kiss and makeup


Many of us fight with our significant other, but no matter how much we fight, we tend to hold grudges against our partner.

That is why divorce attorneys exist. In the United Kingdom, 42 percent of young marriages end up in divorce, according to a 2012 report published by the Office for National Statistics. In Singapore, the divorce rate increased by four percent from 7,237 in 2012 to 7,525 in 2013.

Cats do fight, however, they kiss and make up. Going their separate ways is not an option.  

When cats fight, they attack each other with their claws and, boy, things can get ugly. But after a while, they mellow down and start to meow – that’s when they reconcile, trash things out and get together again.  

While the best explanation as to why cats choose to kiss and makeup instead of going their separate ways lies in the fact that they love their partners too much to leave them, this is something people should learn from cats. The ability to talk things out with each other and think of ways to salvage a relationship/marriage instead of choosing to split-up / divorce.

That is how grown-ups behave.

#2. Communicate

Cats love to communicate by way of meowing, purring, blinking and body language. They are effective communicators and employ a number of techniques to get their messages across and come to a shared understanding with each other.

A relationship relies on communication. In fact, constant, honest and open communication is the key to a lasting and healthy relationship / marriage. If both you and your significant other cannot sit down and chit-chat with each other about anything under the sun and not feel angry and or jealous, chances are you guys are not compatible.

#3. Always greet your significant other

Cat would not let you out from its sight for hours without you saying goodbye, nor would she like it if you come home without greeting her. She will be majorly pissed and the next time you try and pet her, she will hiss at and scratch you.

Ouch.      cats2

Well. If you put yourself in the cat’s shoes, how would you feel if your partner does not say his “Hellos” and “Goodbyes”? Sucky, yeah?

Yes. It sucks to not have your partner greet you. And while it seems trivial, greeting your partner goes a long way. It is about respecting each other.

Tsk, tsk... Notice we refer to cats in the female pronoun? Cats are almost very much like modern day women. Men, especially, need to know that women can be petty creatures and will snap at you if you do not show the empress respect. Lol!  

#4. Be quick to forgive  

Try yelling and beating cat for scratching the furniture and curtains.

Apart from gaining a couple of scratches and bites from cat, it will not let you go near it until you say sorry to cat.

Cats, like humans, do not like to get scolded and when provoked, will become defensive. They will either walk away or fight back because they prefer you tell them what can be done and not done right from the get go.

After some time, cat will come up to you and keep you company, unable to remain and feel angry.

Cats are almost always ready to forgive their humans.

The question is, can humans forgive?

Unless you are a church pastor or Catholic priest, learning to let go of resentment and thoughts of revenge are tough, albeit simple.

But, perhaps, by embracing forgiveness, one also embraces peace, hope, gratitude and joy. Forgiveness, says the Mayo Clinic, brings a kind of peace that helps an individual get on with life. Other healthful benefits of forgiveness include lower blood pressure, a stronger immune system, improved heart health and higher self-esteem.

Start by learning to let go before learning to give and take and always remember that no-one, including you, is perfect.

#5. No two people are alike

No two tuxedo cats are alike – even if they are siblings – in the same way that no two men / women are alike.

Statements like “Women are from Venus, Men are from Mars” and “All men / women are the same” are harmful as they serve to generalize and stereotype people.