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Hair woes and how to deal with them Featured

Written by Deborah Tan

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In many ancient societies, beautiful luscious long locks were an emblem of one’s beauty.  In Heian Japan for instance, it was the length and quality of one’s hair that defined whether one was beautiful.

Today most women value their tresses as much as healthy glowing skin. However, exposure to the outdoor weather elements and constant coloring and hairstyling may have left our hair in a much to be desired state. Issues that we women suffer from range from dandruff to an oily scalp or dry, damaged hair.

To make things worse, many of us have had the experience of being touted with expensive brands and products, only to have them not work on us after spending a lot of money.

So what do we do when we’re on a budget and trying to look beautiful? Let’s see what Jonathan Boon and Titus from Artisan Hair have to say about it.

Treat your hair like your skin

Jonathan: Hair care is a lot like skin care. If you are conscientiously caring for your skin everyday, why not your hair too? 

Shampoo is the ‘facial cleanser’ for your scalp. Shampoo washes away the accumulation of sebum and impurities from a whole day’s sojourn. Therefore just as we would use a gentle facial cleanser on our skin, we should also use a shampoo that is gentle and nourishing to our scalp and yet able to cleanse thoroughly. For that I would recommend the new Keratin Smooth Expert Selection Range Shampoo by TRESemmé. It is not only lower in sulfates which makes it less damaging on your hair and scalp, but also nourishing for your scalp. It is also suitable for color treated hair, which is ideal because many of my clients come to me for hair coloring on top of other treatments.

Just like a shampoo behaves like a cleanser, a conditioner behaves like a moisturizer. I use
Keratin Smooth Expert Selection Range Conditioner by TRESemmé on my clients because it is able to control frizz and also nourish dry hair by restoring the proteins within each hair strand – Perfect for aftercare if a client has dry and colored hair.

Maintain that ph balance 

Titus: In the same way that much of our skin problems are caused by an imbalance of ph values on our skin, we must take care to maintain the ph content of our scalp to ensure that our scalp and hair will be healthy.

Most people that I have met usually use only one range of products that they think is suitable on their hair. However, that actually leads to a severe ph imbalance on their scalp long term. Long-term usage of only one range of products usually lead to dandruff problems, an overly oily scalp, or severely dried and damaged hair.

To maintain the ph level of your scalp at neutral, you should always endeavor to rotate the range of products you are using, depending on how severe your problem is. I have long hair and an oily scalp myself. What I usually do is to use a deep cleansing range on one day, followed by a moisturizing color range like Keratin Smooth the next and then followed by a regular shampoo the next day and constantly have them on rotate.

If you have severely damaged hair from bleaching, I would recommend that you use the Platinum Strength Expert Selection Range by TRESemmé. It will help you to nourish and repair the damage to your hair in just a couple of washes. The best part is that it’s affordable!

Opt to use a hair mask in your routine too, as severely damaged hair could do with the extra nourishment. Just remember not to apply your hair mask and conditioner up to your roots, as that could clog your pores and lead to an oily scalp, pimples and hair loss.

Use a Serum & Blow Dry

Titus: Singapore is a very humid country and humidity can lead to frizzy hair, which gives the appearance of dry hair especially for lighter colored hair.

Using a serum and then blow-drying your hair will ensure that your locks appear shiny and smooth, and will also help to minimize tangling. If you have no time to blow dry your hair that day, I recommend that you gently finger comb your damp hair after applying your serum and then air-dry it.

Of course if you are feeling lazy and need to have nice hair for the day, you can always drop by Artisan for a quick wash and blow dry!

*all TRESemmé products can be found at all guardian outlets locally

*Artisan hair salon is located at 42A Lorong Mambong Holland Village, 277696. Dial 6469 2059 to make an appointment

By Deborah Tan