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Guide to Hainanese chicken rice masters in Singapore (Part Two)

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Not only are the Hainanese famous for their kaya toast bread with kopi and soft boiled eggs, but also their Hainanese chicken rice. 


A simple yet flavorful dish, the Hainanese chicken rice has been Singapore’s unofficial national dish since the mid-1900s (perhaps even earlier!). And it can be found almost everywhere. Hotels. Restaurants. Cafés. Coffee shops. Roadside stalls. 


It is also served on board Singapore Airlines. 


But where do you go for a great plate of Hainanese chicken rice? 


To help you with your search, we pick some of the Little Red Dot’s best Hainanese chicken rice stalls, starting with the east. Here we go again, with five stalls for you to choose from based on flavor, texture of the chicken and rice and affordability (we know you’re price conscious!). FYI, we love and recommend you try #2 and #5

#1. Yet Con Hainanese chicken rice  


Purvis Street is Singapore’s Hainanese enclave and it is home to Yet Con Hainanese chicken rice, an old name in Hainanese chicken rice. Having been around for more than 70 years and at the same location, Yet Con Hainanese chicken rice is able to keep people returning and talking. 


Bustling, packed and sometimes steamy, this simple and fuss-free chicken rice stall dishes out juicy chicken and fragrant rice like a well-oiled machine. To keep up with the Joneses, the stall’s owner has decided to add a couple more Hainanese delicacies like the fish maw and fish soup with tomato to its menu. 


Here, indulge in a sumptuous meal of traditional Hainanese chicken rice that has stood the test of time. The chicken is cooked thoroughly (it’s devoid of juice!), and every grain of rice is lightly touched with onion oil to give the dish its fragrant aroma. 

25 Purvis Street, Singapore 188602

#2. Tiong Bahru Boneless Hainanese chicken rice (Changi Village branch) 


In business, branching out is important, especially when it presents an opportunity for growth that fits the business vision – and when the business is strong enough to sustain the growth. 


tiongbahruchickenThat’s exactly what the owners of Tiong Bahru Boneless Hainanese chicken rice did. They added a new outlet in Changi Village after decades of running the show in Tiong Bahru town. 


And it seems that this Hainanese chicken rice stall has caught on the value-for-money Hainanese chicken rice trend. At $2 per plate of tender and succulent chicken rice, it is no wonder Tiong Bahru Boneless Hainanese chicken rice can sustain its business.  


Residents of Changi town and foodies, will you be back for more? 

5 Changi Village Road

#3.  Shao Ji Hainanese chicken rice 


Tampines town is not lacking in Hainanese chicken rice stalls.  


Wait – allow us to rephrase the above statement: Tampines town is not lacking in cheap and good Hainanese chicken rice stalls. Already, the town is home to 820 Hainanese chicken rice, a neighborhood Hainanese chicken rice stall that offers mouth-watering value-for-money chicken rice at $1.50 or $2 per plate. And there’s Shao Ji Hainanese chicken rice, a cheap and good $2 Hainanese chicken rice master!   


The chicken is so soft, it is easy to chew, thus making it a suitable dish for both the young and old. Best of all, the chicken rice stall owner won’t fuss with you for additional cash if you politely ask him to add more rice to your plate. 

826 Tampines Street 81, Ang Qiang Coffee Shop

#4. Nam Kee chicken rice & restaurant  


Service is important but when it comes to an old name in Hainanese chicken rice, good service is not an imperative; rather, good food is a must. Nam Kee’s chicken rice has always been flavorful and the chicken is lightly sprinkled with soy sauce. The portion served, however, is great for small eaters. 



This 1970’s-esque chicken rice restaurant is often packed from morning to night and is pretty popular among people living in Central Singapore. 

201 Upper Thomson Road


#5. Hainan Chicken Rice Ball 


As the name suggests, this stall serves oily-oily chicken rice in the shape of a ball. And it is cheap! For $4 per set meal, you get two rice balls, steamed chicken and pork belly with soy sauce, and a bowl of herbal soup. 

Boon Hwa Food Centre, 43 Jalan Besar

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