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Best Hong Kong cafés in Town

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They have great coffee. They have great food. They have great music. They have great ambiance. They are cheaper. These are just some of the many reasons why people prefer dining at Hong Kong cafés aka “Char Chaan Tengs” to restaurants.

Hong Kong cafés are flexible. They are spaces in which you can do what you like, eat and drink what you like. If you want a cup of stocking milk tea, you can. If you want ice cream with waffles, you can. If you want Macau-style cheese baked rice, you can. If you want to read a book while you eat, you can. If you want to run a business meeting, you can. If you want to organize an old friends get together, you can. With so much space to breathe, play and get creative, what’s there to not like about Hong Kong cafés? 

Without further ado, we bring you some of the city’s best Hong Kong cafés. Here we go, with three Hong Kong cafés and teahouses you can take your friends, family, colleagues and business associates to dine.

#1. Wong Kok

An expansive space and an extensive menu – these are the things that make Wong Kok an attractive place to dine. A laid-back yet vibrant café, Wong Kok attracts a young crowd craving Macau and Hong Kong food to dine at its space. Smack on the second floor of Bugis Junction shoppers’ mall, this Hong Kong café uses Hong Kong actor Roger Kwok (he’s better known as idiot boy “Ah Wang” in TVB’s drama ‘Life Made Simple’) to publicize its space, food and drinks. 


From Macau cheese baked rice and fish & chips to thick, crispy waffles and egglets, this Hong Kong café serves a smorgasbord of mouth-watering delights. The colorful menu features over a hundred food and drinks and is divided according to the types of dishes served – cheese baked rice, soup, Cantonese, Chinese, Japanese, Western, bite-sized snacks, drinks, and desserts – to help diners take their pick.

Where to go: 200 Victoria Street, Bugis Junction 

#2. Central Hong Kong café

Contemporary Cantonese culture is the theme of this Hong Kong café. With round wooden tables and chairs, swirling fans, retro graphics and Cantonese pop music playing in the background, Central Hong Kong café evokes the feel of a classic ‘80s Hong Kong café smack in Wan Chai. Arguably the first Hong Kong café to open in Singapore, Central Hong Kong café brings you closer to Hong Kong street food.

The kitchen is helmed by Hong Kong Master Chef Chiu Ka Wai, who believes in using the freshest ingredients to whip up even a simple bowl of kolo noodles with luncheon meat, egg, corn and vegetables. Perennial favorites include the wonton noodle, Hong Kong fried beef kway teow, crispy fried fish skin, rice rolls in sweet sauce, and the quintessential thick and buttery Hong Kong-style French toast. If you are craving an authentic taste of Hong Kong, swing by Central Hong Kong café. Who says you have to book a flight ticket to Hong Kong just to sample Hong Kong street food?

Where to go: The Star Vista, 1 Vista Exchange Green, #B1-07/41 

#3. Old Hong Kong

The name itself hints at Hong Kong during its colonial days, but Old Hong Kong is a retro Hong Kong café that serves affordable and delicious Hong Kong food worth every cent.

Bustling, packed and sometimes steamy, Old Hong Kong Teahouse provides a quintessential down-to-earth experience of yum cha culture in Hong Kong. The teahouse is a place familiar to fans of time-honored Hong Kong stars like Leslie Cheng, Adam Cheng, and Frances Yip.

Even if you don’t fancy Cantonese pop artistes, consider the food and drinks – all cooked to perfection in traditional Cantonese style. With a comprehensive menu featuring over 400 dishes, the best way to get to know the teahouse is to try as many specialties as you can, or order favorites like the century egg porridge, Macau-style cheese baked rice, mapo tofu, fried rice, crispy deep-fried fish skin and the ever sinful pork trotters in vinegar sauce. Drinks-wise, opt for the quintessential yin yong or stocking milk tea. Every part of this teahouse is tradition that shouldn’t be missed.

Where to go: 10 Sinaran Drive, Novena Square 2 

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