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Guide to Eastern Singapore’s best Hainanese curry rice stalls

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The Hainanese curry rice is an amalgamation of different cultures. It is essentially a fusion dish combining Hainanese Chinese, British and Indian – some, like food authority KF Seetoh, say Japanese – influences and cooking styles, and the result is a piquant and flavorful meal that warms the heart and tantalizes taste buds.

With its complex flavors, intoxicating spices, gooey thick gravy and succulent chicken silvers, the Hainanese curry rice is a must-try for anyone living in and or visiting Singapore. If you are craving Hainanese curry rice and happen to be in eastern Singapore, here’s our pick of the best stalls you might wish to check out. 

Tsk, tsk…There are many curry rice stalls scattered throughout the Little Red Dot. But what makes one stall different from the other is the curry and ingredients used. Yes, you heard us right: the curry and specific ingredients used differ from one stall to another.

#1. New Scissor-Cut Curry rice 

New scissor cut curry rice

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This stall gets its name from the pair of scissors used by a skilled server to cut big pieces of meat into bite-sized pieces, ready to be served to ravenous patrons. Though the food prepared is for individuals, the portions served are generous. For less than $4, patrons get to enjoy a mountain of fragrant rice drizzled with Hainanese-style curry, served alongside generous portions of chicken or pork chop, squid, long beans and kai lan.

Where: Geylang Lorong 35, 669 Geylang Road.
Price: $3.50 - $5.00

#2. Beach Road’s Scissors Cut Hainanese Curry rice 

Image credit: Burpple [DOT] Com

Image Credit: Burpple [Dot] com 

Famous for its server's skills in cutting up large pieces of meat into serving-sized portions and fast, his bustling Beach Road stall is the go-to place for office workers and high-rise dwellers living nearby craving Hainanese pork cutlet curry rice. 

The stall’s setup is bare bones – everything is on display behind a glass case for patrons to see: crispy pork chop, squid, vegetables, Hainanese curry and more. But it is the stall’s devilishly spicy curry that woos patrons. The curry is how it should be – thick and spicy but it does not overpower the taste of the other ingredients. The pork cutlet is cooked to a nice golden brown color with a crispy finish.

If you do not fancy eating messy, opt for the stall’s quintessential Hainanese-style black pork chop. Both sweet and peppery, the black pork chop makes for a satisfying after-work dish that is worth lusting after for.

The only drawback: the stall is always crowded at any time during the day.

Where: 229 Jalan Besar.
Price: $4 onwards

#3. Long Xiang Hougang Hainanese Curry rice

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Pick and mix what you wish to eat – that’s the way this Hainanese curry rice stall works. Like the quintessential hawker centre mixed rice stall aka “chap chye peng” concept, patrons can pick and mix their food and request for Hainanese curry (and more curry) upon making payment. Long Xiang Hougang Hainanese Curry rice serves a variety of ingredients like the fried brinjal, Nyonya chap chye, fried egg and squid, to name a few popular picks.

But that’s not what this Bendeemer Market and Food Centre stall is famous for; its curry is the main draw. Spicy and full of flavor, the curry is packed with intense spices, chilies and herbs like ginger, perfect for those who love their curry hot. Smack in a neighborhood housing development board estate in Kallang, Long Xiang Hougang Hainanese Curry rice’s stall is arguably one of the district’s best Hainanese curry rice stalls.

Where: 29 Bendeemer Road, Bendeemer Market and Food Centre.
Price: $3.50 onwards

#4. Curry Times

curry times old chang kee

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The name itself hints at a food and spices magazine (LOL!) but Curry Times is essentially a chain of 1970’s café-style eateries specializing in whipping up popular local curry dishes that whet appetite. The best-sellers are the café chain’s curry chicken, dry curry chicken rice and curry bun.

Curry Times is the second brainchild of Singaporean food-preneur Image Source/Credit, founder of renowned curry puff brand Old Chang Kee. If you fancy Old Chang Kee’s curry puffs, check out any one of Curry Time’s stalls.

Where: Curry Time’s most popular eastern branches are located at Changi Airport Terminal 3 and One KM Mall, respectively.
Price: $7.80 onwards 

Know more Hainanese curry rice stalls in Eastern Singapore? Do drop us a suggestion below this story and we will add to our existing list feature. 

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