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Hainanese Curry Rice 1A

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The Hainanese curry rice is an amalgamation of different cultures. It is essentially a fusion dish combining Hainanese Chinese, British and Indian – some, like food authority KF Seetoh, say Japanese – influences and cooking styles, and the result is a piquant and flavorful meal that warms the heart and tantalizes taste buds.

Big Birds chicken riceWe are what we eat. We have all heard this many, many times, but most of us do not quite believe it. After all, you have had your Hainanese chicken rice and didn’t turn into a Hainanese chicken. LOL! So we are not what we eat, are we?
We are – and it is every bit true. That is why we get so worked up when some Malaysian Minister say that the Hainanese chicken rice is not Singaporean. Because the Hainanese chicken rice is one of the dishes that is synonymous with the Singaporean identity.


Not only are the Hainanese famous for their kaya toast bread with kopi and soft boiled eggs, but also their Hainanese chicken rice. 


A simple yet flavorful dish, the Hainanese chicken rice has been Singapore’s unofficial national dish since the mid-1900s (perhaps even earlier!). And it can be found almost everywhere. Hotels. Restaurants. Cafés. Coffee shops. Roadside stalls. 


It is also served on board Singapore Airlines. 


But where do you go for a great plate of Hainanese chicken rice?